Sunday, 21 December 2008

Drunk again

Well, it is gone 3am and I'm back for the work Christmas party and I talked to some wonderful people and ate some nice food and drank alot of wine. So all in all a really good Christmas party.

But, I am back in my hotel room with tears streaming down my face - why? Well partly alcohol-induced I guess I just feel lonely. I have no-one to come back to, no-one to share Christmas with, no-one to who fancies me or who thinks I am special.

Hmm, I could go on but it's self-indulgent self-pity really and I'm sure no-one really wants to read that.

I think the only think worth mentioning is that, while I can generally can keep things together on a day-to-day basis there comes a point when everything just gets too much - I've reached and past that point. This year can't end soon enough, it has been too painful and it seems to be coming to a close with more thing going adly wrong than I had expected,

F***, sh** ,,, I really don't have the energy for more comment.

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Lucy :: AKA Loopy Loo! x said...

I think your a very special type of person, one that's hard to find and one that I treasure as one of the few true friends that I have!! I love you always! Lucy xxx