Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Can't think of the words

I've felt a little low today and the odd thing was getting me down but nothing too bad until B phoned to say that I wouldn't be able to see my son for the entire weekend because she no longer trusted me to stick to the rules.

The "rule" that I broke was that I (stupidly I now realise) had worn a pair of my (women's) jeans and opaque pop-socks when my son arrived on Tuesday evening. I honestly didn't think either of these were noticeable and I'd simply picked them off the bed as they were the clothes closest to hand when I rushed out of the shower having only 5mins to dry my hair before they arrived.

The pop-socks probably were a bit stupid as you could see through them a little but only if you looked real close. But I didn't think the jeans looked out of the ordinary at all, I've worn them to work before now and no-one seems to have noticed.

Anyway, I explained all of this and B seems to have relented and agreed to bring my son over on Friday night though she is still not happy and we had a fair amount of "discussion" (aka disagreement) on the phone covering a wide variety of things.

I now just feel even worse and confused, unhappy, as if everything is against me, just ... well I really don't know how to explain how I feel, I'm just going to go to bed and hope that things are clearer in the morning. I don't like how I feel at the moment, I just wish the feeling would go away.

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Anonymous said...

Chin up. It's just a full moon this week most people I know have gone barking and irrational too. Though you're transforming into a woman I wonder if you'll lose your rational male way of looking at the world?

Keep the blog coming it's a real interesting read and it raises a lot of questions.