Sunday, 30 March 2008

Back home, not sure for how long

Well, having spent two nights with my parents I really needed to get out and have some space - I really did feel quite awkward there and my Mum was clearly upset (though holding it together very well) and my Dad seemed to be annoyed with me.

I should correct the "annoyed" feeling as, when I returned home, I had a very moving e-mail from my Dad saying, in essence that he was finding this hard to talk about but that, I was his son and he and my Mum would always be there for me.

This means an awful lot (I had tears in my eye's reading what he wrote and I'm sure he was equally moved when writing it) and just goes to show that, generally, we can all be useless at communicating and understanding what everyone else around us is really feeling or thinking ... and how did we manage before we could use computers to get our inner-most thoughts out?!

Anyway, I left my parents place this morning and went to the Trafford Centre to meet up with a friend, nothing really of consequence happened before then, I was just killing time really - I did obviously look at the clothes in the shop windows and what everyone was wearing to get ideas and inspiration. I did see a (rather tall) woman in a shortish skirt (can't remember her top), and wearing tights with cats on! I thought it was such a fab look - she was also in some pretty high platform shoes and dwarfed her partner.

I've just been looking for the tights and found these links

Not the ones but funky nonetheless
Lots of prints here, not the ones I was looking for though

Nope, can't find them! If anyone knows where to get black tights that have pictures of cats on (covering the entire area of the tights) then let me know!

Anyway, met up with a friend and had a REALLY good chat for over 3hours! Explained all about me and the problems my wife is having coping with everything and the imminent split. Was really lovely to just talk. I had to use the "Eddie Izzard" analogy to explain about me at first (we need more famous TG people ... or I need to know about more that are already out there).

My friend was also going though a rough time with relationships at the moment but I don't think her problems got a fair share of the time ... must try and even things up a little in future! Anyway nice to talk to someone face to face and it did help me get alot of things in perspective and to stop me feeling so angry with everyone else and sorry for myself.

Now, I'm back home and my wife and son will be back soon - apparently my wife and I need to have some more talking to "tweak" the financial arrangements that I e-mailed her about over the weekend. And we need to talk about other stuff I guess as well.

They are back.


Anonymous said...

was it these?

Only if so, I don't think you are the right age, they are for teenagers or women past caring....

Fiona's Boots said...

Well, I don't think it was those ... the cats in question were alot more spread out - though of course tights do stretch a bit!

Also we're talking drawn, cartoon-like cats rather than actual feline pictures.

I really wish I'd stopped her and asked where she got the tights from now!