Saturday, 14 June 2008

Today's pain and sucess

Well, it's been quite a good day today (helped even more by the fab pic of my friend's boots - see previous post) and I got a few important things done.

First of all I got some new shoes from Evans yesterday and, having waited in almost all day for them to arrive I discovered to my horror that they didn't fit! However they were too big rather than too small, the latter would have been a disaster, as it is taking the shoes back to get a smaller size is just an opportunity for a challenge so overall probably a good thing.

So, I got to the Trafford Centre early to avoid having to deal with too many staring at me, asked the nice lady if I could change the shoes for a smaller size ... and then asked if I could try them on to just make sure! I was quite pleased at my bravery and there wasn't even a flicker of surprise on the lady's face, nor on the girl that went to get the shoes and even got me a 7 just to make sure that I didn't need to go down another size. I was quite pleased with myself and now own a pair of these shoes:
Not practical in the slightest, probably won't go with any outfits at all but but I just thought they looked so fab and colourful I just had to have them (now I need to sell lots of junk on eBay to pay for them).

The other achievement today was with what I was wearing; white shirt (bob-mode, couldn't find a blouse that looked right), boot-cut jeans, brown ankle boots, and dark purple nail varnish! All of this was without make-up or any other attempt to look femme as I was going for the laser hair removal so nothing allowed near my skin. I got a few odd looks but nothing that really concerned me too much and managed to wander round the Trafford Centre, Costco, and Asda without any trouble.

Afternoon was the pain bit of the day, but thankfully it wasn't really that painful. This is my first treatment with the laser and I'm told not to expect any real results yet (though I can't help but hope when alot of the hairs apparently got zapped and burnt out already).

The sensation is like, as someone else described, being pinged with an elastic band, it is quite uncomfortable and the top lip is very sensitive, but it's still not real excruciating, eye-watering pain like plucking your eyebrows for example. Also it's over pretty quickly, I can only have been there 5mins maximum, probably quicker and that was for a full face treatment. I've got 6 more treatments to go, the next being in 4 weeks.

Overall, a good day, now time to get some sleep!


Anonymous said...

Isn't hair removal, because of being considered a permanent change, something you can only get approval for after gender reassignment counselling?
Also, your previous entry said you were unprepared to answer questions from your colleagues about the changes you were making, and yet you seem to be rushing to make ever more including this one that, unlike the others, you cannot reverse if the attention it causes becomes too much. What's the rush?

Fiona's Boots said...

Hair removal using Laser, IPL, or electrolysis is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment (i.e. you have to pay for it) so no approval is necessary.

In fact I've seen many adverts in the US/Canada (and maybe a few in the UK too) for hair removal for men to eliminate the need for shaving.

True, I am not prepared to answer questions but I still want to make these changes - I will just have to cope with further questioning if and when it happens.

I am talking to the appropriate people in work to make sure that HR provide relevant support if the questioning does get out of hand - anything like that would obviously count as harassment.

There is not necessarily any rush to what I am doing, nothing involved with TG issues is fast by any means and for the seriously life-changing treatments (hormones, surgery, change of identity) approval and GP assistance along with prior counselling IS required.