Saturday, 28 June 2008


Just a very brief taster of Sparkle as I didn't take a camera out with me so friends have more pics of me out and about which I'll blog about later. Also I'm using the little laptop to write this so it's rather sow and inaccurate typing so I'll add more once I get back home tomorrow.

Was out rather late last night and woke up early so not had enough sleep, early night tonight I think. Was fun last night and great to finally meet online friends for real! Everyone looked fabulous and Canal Street was buzzing, it was all amazing and well worth going. Even managed to walk around on my 4" heels without serious injury! And I was rather impressed with the shoes themselves:

Anyway, need to get sorted out before going to get my nails done for he very first time in my life! More tomorrow when I get back home.

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Anonymous said...

Wolf whistle. Look at those!