Monday, 9 June 2008

Educating Marmalade

Sometimes my mind works in bizarre ways to arrive at certain thoughts and there odd occasions when I can actually remember the various steps I took so here is an example of this.

Woke up this morning and realised I hadn't filled in my timesheet for last week (this is a big deal where I work as they have a report run to see who has been 'naughty' and forgotten) so my first words were something along the lines of "f***" or I think the slightly more acceptable "bollocks!".

On arriving at work I reflected on the mornings expletives as I considered recounting this story to my manager as a humourous way of avoiding some of the stigma of letting the side down in terms of a full set of complete timesheets. I was going to say "Yes, I forgot, first thing I said this morning was a swear word ... bit like the beginning for Four Weddings and a Funeral ... though sadly without Charlotte Coleman in the next room".

This reminded me that I always liked Charlotte Coleman even though I didn't actually see alot of the controversial (well at the time) TV/films that she did, a full list of which are on her IMDB entry, "Oranges Are not the Only Fruit" being the one that sticks in my mind as causing a bit of a stir at the time.

[ Just as a brief aside I've only just discovered, having looked at the various pages above that Charlotte Coleman died in 2001 aged only 33, from an asthma attack. I was actually quite shocked and sad when I read that. ]

Anyway, this led me to remember that Charlotte Coleman was also in Educating Marmalade and played the main character Marmalade Atkins ... which led me to also wonder if this was another childhood character who I wanted to be ... along with the slightly more embarrassing She-Ra!

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