Friday, 20 February 2009

London bound again

I'm on my way down to London again for another check-up appointment with Dr Curtis. This is the 3rd trip down and I guess I'm feeling pretty blase about it all since I'm so use to the journey and the experience of seeing a specialist.

There is probably more to discuss this time though and I think at this point the reality of what I'm doing is setting in and the hormones are, as I've mentioned, having mental as well as the physiological effects. I think a friend put it best when she said that I'll be feeling like I need to find myself, another also commented about the sense of a loss of control. I think the only other thought that I would add to this is the desire to be close to someone, a longing for the company of friends to talk to as well as someone special to be there to care about me and who I want to care for.

Hmm, there was an awful lot of flowery/poetic language in that last paragraph, will try not to make a habit of it!

Anyway, I'm actually sat on the train looking like a proper geek at the moment being as I'm connected to the internet via the 3G broadband dongle and I'm also doing some work (though this is rather slow going as it takes ages for the code I'm working on to compile, run, and then invariably fail requiring the whole process to be repeated!

But back to the mobile brodband: sometimes it's just nice to have some useful technology that just works, it makes the day just that little bit brighter :D

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Roslyn Joyce said...

I can just picture you there on the train wired up to your laptop!
I hope your trips go well and let those hormones kick in.Your brave decision to transition fills me with admiration.x
A hug from Ireland at ya !!