Sunday, 22 February 2009

Hormones ...

... more of them in fact!

Bit of a mix up with my test results - they didn't include a testosterone count which means that it's difficult to know if my levels are completely right. However, the value of 253 for the estrogren isn't as high as it needs to be, around 400 is more like it.

So, I'm now on two patches! The extra one is half the dosage, so in total I'm on 150micrograms/24hrs. My levels will be checked again in 3 months and then I may still need anti-androgens or possibly the hormones will have done the trick.

I guess it's just a fairly slow process to get levels correct and it is a little frustrating in some ways. Then again, I am getting some of the beneficial effects of the estrogen already (on the old dose) so my body is responding which is a good thing. The anti-androgens are apparently for stopping the testosterone and do not in anyway contribute to feminisation - that's what the estrogen does. Potentially the testosterone may reduce to the right level with just the patches alone and more pills won't be needed, which will be good.

Anyway, I'll see how the extra estrogen effects me over the coming weeks - could be 'fun'.


NickyB (aka the CFG) said...

My level is 212, and I now need the Zoladex anti-T shot...I think in some folks the T just collapses, but in a lot of cases it fights back and needs to be surpressed. T needs to be held down for adequate feminisation IMHO.
Hope you don't mind me dropping by!

Fiona's Boots said...

Hi Nicky, thanks for the comments! From what I've been told/understand I think the anti-androgens are probably necassary to get all of the changes that are needed for the overall more feminine look.

I guess I probably will end up on them after the next appointment and probably would have started this time if I'd had all the levels from the blood tests!