Sunday, 28 September 2008

The Plan

I'm still thinking that I'm relying less on feelings about how I want to be and more on an actual plan of changing: I'm kind of going through the motions of the things I think I need to do to get the next bit of treatment or change without considering too much what the end result will be in case I get too disappointed by the possible outcomes.

The current plan at the moment is:

  • Name change
  • Ask for letter from GP/specialist that allows me to change gender marker on passport
  • Get new passport/drivers license etc and then start changing name with relevant organisations (banks, etc)
  • Voice training - this is very important and very scary for me
Overall try not to think about this all too much because I seriously doubt I'm going to be happy with the final result but I still feel I must do it and I want to keep accelerating through the process.

I'm going to pick up my blood test results tomorrow as well, they were all normal apparently (a relief), but I need to send a copy to Dr Curtis and will ask at the same time about the letter for change of gender marker.

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