Tuesday, 9 September 2008

And sometimes ...

You get away with drinking a whole bottle of wine the night before getting up at 5:45 and cycling into work in under 18minutes without the slightest hint of a hangover! Of course I could be speaking too soon and the hangover/fatigue may kick in later today!

Anyway, I've not been updating the blog much over the past few days mainly as I've been doing alot of thinking and I've either had too many thoughts swarming (maybe not an ideal word as 'swarm' implies some sort of order) around in my head or have not been able to clearly hold on to an idea in order to document it.

I haven't really come to a conclusion yet and have had quite a few doubts and contradictions in my head. I still seem to be continuing along with my RLE (Real Life Experience) and have at least overcome some of the practical issues associated with cycling in to work though there's probably more to be done to streamline the whole process.

In terms of how I feel it's harder to pin down, sometimes (like last night) it's very confusing and I'm less certain of what I want to do. Then again I can bounce back with some effort and feel a bit better about myself (like this morning).

Anyway, best get back to some work and immerse myself in some music I think.

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