Friday, 2 May 2008


Well, I've moved into my new (rented) flat and it's taken two days to shift all of my things and there is still probably more to move as well but that will have to wait for a later date.

It's been a very busy two days and pretty tiring but then again I've been fully occupied and busy with all of the logistics and the buying of new things needed to setup home. In some ways it's been quite exciting to buy simple thing like pots and pans and even an iron (steam generator iron, a must for all fast and efficient ironing of all the clothes). On the other hand that is it, I'm now living on my own.

I guess it must be harder for my wife as she has not been kept busy by anything like this and has been able to spare the time to think that this is really the end of our marriage and everything that she and I have been use to. I think I'm just pushing all of these more serious thoughts out or my head or maybe I'm just not as concerned about them, maybe I really did need to move out.

I'm really not certain what the future hold anymore, I need to figure everything out from scratch ... and I need to stop trying to put serious thoughts into a blog when I am both tired and under the influence of several glasses of wine that I hoped would ease the pain of using the epilator - it didn't (much)!

So, where do I go from here. I think it's probably best I figure that out when I'm a little more sorted out and certainly a lot more sober.

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