Thursday, 13 March 2008

While everything turns to s*** ... BT keeps going

My life has taken a turn for the worst at the moment and things are not going well at home and will either stay bad, get slowly worse, then maybe better or will spiral out of control rapidly and create a total mess.

I'll have to post more about that later because it's too confusing and painful at the moment.

But, among all this misery there was one brief spot of irony which gave me a few seconds to be justifiably malicious: A sales call from BT!

They phoned my TalkTalk phone, asking for me, declared that they are from BT and then asked "Why did you leave BT?". I then quite calmly, though menacingly pointed out that I am on the telephone preferences service and that sales calls to anyone on there are, in fact, illegal (actually I suspect it's a voluntary code/policy rather than a law).

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