Friday, 21 March 2008

What you lose

Support. Understanding. Choice. Freedom.

(If only the last one could have begun with 'K' then it would have been S.U.C.K)

My wife is travelling down to her parents with our son, I'm remaining up here at home (correction, "house", this is no longer my "home" I'm told). Traffic permitting she will be there in a few hours at which point my in-laws will know that the marriage is over. They'll probably also know that I have continued with the Fiona activities even though they were, to the best of my knowledge, blissfully unaware of this.

I just talked to my parents (well my Mum) and it seems that the unquestioning support is not really to be found there either. They were shocked at the amount of clothes that I had left with them (having moved them out of here for "safety" reasons) and my Dad was apparently questioning how I could spend so much when the money could have been used on the house or other things for my wife and son.

I guess I'm selfish.

So, lets have a look at the scores here shall we:

  1. Wife
  2. In-laws
  3. My parents (this may seem a tad unfair, they are at least still talking to me and trying to help in anyway they can ... but really, they don't agree with what I've done or am doing)
  4. Not yet, but assorting friends I guess are going to be against me when they find out about all of this

  1. Two actual, real, flesh&blood friends (Thank you)
  2. Several online friends/acquaintances (Also thank you though, in fairness without meeting me face-to-face you probably have no real idea what I'm like so you might find me to be the selfish and greedy idiot the "Against" people think I am)
There are also plenty of people online and real (more online to be fair) that are probably floating voters in all of this so not counted here.

So, not looking good really. Not sure where I fall either; for, against, or somewhere in between. Maybe not enough time for self-pity, must get some painting done.

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MoonBaby said...

Doesn't matter who is right or wrong and folks shouldn't "take sides" in affairs of the heart. It's not easy for anyone and a huge loss either way. Healing thoughts are extended to you, your family, wife, & child.

~ MB