Saturday, 29 March 2008

A few more thougths

From yesterdays "fun":
  • My father-in-law said that I have a "problem".
  • I'm a risk to my son because his friends could pick up on the signs (longer nails, hair, etc) and start taking the mickey out of him
  • What I do is not "normal" apparently
  • Nobody trusts me on *anything* - not just the TGirl stuff, apparently I'm likely to fly out of the country and stop paying the bills and other nasty things
So really, it looks like the eating worms thing is the only option left to me, clearly, everyone else would be happy if my "problem" went away which, by extension, means that I would have to go also.


Louise Gallacher said...

Fiona... your story is so similar to mine its scary.

did you try discussing some common ground? where at least u could stay living with each other?

seems like your SO is determined that your femme side won't be part of your relationship...i guess you have told her that you are not the only tgirl in the world...

I have to tell you that my SO did not get any help from other rg/gg's on roses...the only ones on roses are the accepting types.

my argument about the clothes and your nails hair etc... is that all men are different and can look like how they wish, you may be a guitar player..and the clothes if she really thinks about it could even be hers, the trouble is she is totally irrational now and has put up this big block.
my only advice (and this depends on how much you have to loose by moving out and how much you love and need each other) would be to cool it for a while, don't make promise about purges etc and you won't dress any more as you won't be able to keep to them... well i could not and i did those purges and promises in the past.

like i said your motivation to fix this relationship is dependant on what is more important.. your marriage or you being TG.

good luck and huggs, louise

Anonymous said...

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