Wednesday, 3 June 2009

London bound

I'd moved my latest check-up appointment with Dr Curtis for a few reasons, one being that my blood test results weren't all back yet (I had lots of numbers apart from the all important testosterone count). In the end I still didn't have the full set of results but everything was booked anyway.

To make a day of it Lucy came down as well to enjoy the delights of London which included fab, sunny weather, lots of shops, the relative peace of Hyde Park, the nutter who called us "Faggots" (more of this in a seperate post), tame squirrel, ice cream and lots of walking (all not necessarily in that order).

On the whole I lost the use of my camera that day as Lucy took over and got some pretty impressive shots.

The weather was amazing, lovely and sunny and warm (well hot really) and while not too bad on the tube I don't think it would have been that pleasant crammed into busy trains in rush hour (we avoided this).

Basically didn't do a huge amount before my appointment (wasn't really enough time and we did get delayed coming down as well due to a "fatality on the line") but had a nice meander around the shops (few of them), didn't buy anything as we were both skint. Still nice to look and see things to buy later!

Appointment went well (more of this seperately) and the break gave me a chance to change out of the nice shoes I came down wearing into trainers that were a little more comfortable and practical for doing lots more walking!

Had a wander across Hyde park and stopped to have a yummy ice cream as well as when we spotted a really tame squirrel that actually stayed still long enough for some decent pics:

Had a quick look in the Science Museum and also Natural History as well - nice that it's free to get into these and therefore a way to pass some time without feeling you've got to see every single thing there because you paid for it. Both were quite at that time of day (late afternoon).

Both of us were quite tired (heat, all the walking) so headed back to the tube so we could get back to Euston for the train home. Setting off from South Kensington at 17:30 and taking the Circle Line to Euston Square meant that we arrived around about 18:15 which was a little more than I thought, clearly a good idea to leave lots of time for even a simple journey.

Our train out was delayed (due to the continuing disruption from the "fatality on the line" from earlier) but only for about 30mins. The rush when a platform is announced, particularly when the train has been delayed, is quite amazing to watch or be involved in - I'm sure they would get some interesting video from ceiling-mounted cameras! Was a mad rush from everyone to get to their seats - ours being right at the front of the train and, by that point, most people had either gone to the carriages they were in or really couldn't take the pace!

So a tiring day out, but a good one. Was nice to have my best friend their and we got to have a chat, and have a fun day.

I had to continue my journey up to Manchester and on to Chorley alone and it gave me time to reflect a little. These kind of days out seem to be all about anticipation and then are frantic themselves and it's only when things are over that you realise that you had a good time and how nice it was to be with your best friend. Doesn't really matter what we'd done I know I would have still felt the same way at the end of the day. Best friends are just fab, thanks Lucy x

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Calie said...

You two look lovely!

Ice cream looks yummy!

The scenes of London English! I visited London once and fell in love with the city.

Thanks for sharing.