Sunday, 8 February 2009

Lego ... (Legis, Legit, Legimus, Legitis, Legint) ... Snow

The above is a picture of my handy-work from today: finally got the Lego tidied up a bit and put into better/cleaner containers than the ones that had been up in my parents loft and then collecting dust in my flat for so long. For the curious the 'containers' are the pack of six draw dividers that I bought from Ikea yesterday - got several packs!

Anyway, the weather outside *did* seem fine and sunny and I just thought, after being in this morning sorting bits of plastic I thought it might be nice to get out on my bike and go for a little cycle around with my son. Is isn't meant to be one of my weekends but I thought there was no harm in asking. Seems he liked the idea so we met up at our local park.

Sadly the cycling didn't last long; he was very tired, it was cold and then it started to snow quite heavily! So after maybe only 30mins I had to call his Mum so that she could come and pick him up and take him home. He did ask where I was going and if I'd fit in the car and I had to say no. B emphasised that I couldn't fit in the car and had to cycle home. That hurt quite a bit as I'd have liked nothing more than being able to spend some more time with my son. Life just sucks sometimes.

So I set off back home and realised that, while I love driving in snow, cycling isn't so much fun! Ended up with a rather cold face that was been attacked by driving snow! Was a nice little bit of exercise and more evidence (if it was needed) that I'm seriously out of condition - more jogging with the Wii is needed I think! Hmmm, waiting for the Wii exercise bike attachement!

Oh, and the Lego, Legis, Legit, etc - well that's Latin (there's a definition here on Wiktionary - no idea there was a Wiki for words!) and I always think of the present conjugation of the verb when I think of Lego ... yes, I'm a geek, sorry!

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