Tuesday, 3 February 2009

And ...

... she's back!

Had a brief IM chat to Lucy this morning! Pretty impressive to be back online so quickly ... though I guess it would be hard to keep me away from the internet after missing so many hours of online time!

She's reasonable comfortable (expecting the numb bum - sorry Lucy had to mention that) and in no real pain which sounds good (well amazing really!). Obviously still tired and didn't seem to the jump at the chance to update her own blog (bah!, no dedication lol) so a few more days before back to full strength and online presence.

Also apparently has to stay in the hospital bed for 5 days before being able to finally get up and move about. I suspect she will be going insane with boredom by then :D

Wish you a speedy recovery hun!

1 comment:

Louise Connolly said...

Hi Fiona... thanks for the update on Lucy...

sounds like all's going well

thanks, Louise