Friday, 23 January 2009

Here we go ....

Well, I think the hormones really are starting to kick in now! I've discussed my 'symptoms' with a close friend and it seems that things may be beginning to develop as expected/hoped for.

Now, I didn't think I would be doing this so soon, but for anyone I work with or any family that might have stumbled onto this blog by accident, now is the time you should STOP READING! The rest of this is more for the benefit of other TG people who may have started/be thinking of starting hormones. I'm going to try and start describing the changes I go through and it's maybe not work-time reading. Yeah, okay, for now it's not too bad but best get in some practice of avoiding reading what I write!

So the changes so far: My skin is definitely getting softer. This is noticeable on the back of my hands but I think the skin on my legs is thining slightly and a little softer. I say that because I use an epilator (yes, I know "ow!") and have usually had a problem with in-growing hairs. Now it doesn't seem as bad and the exfoliating regime seems to make a real difference.

And now, any work colleagues, this is your final warning (yeah, like you're going to listen)!

Breast development does seem to have started. My nipples have started to become slightly painful and they feel like there is something hard behind them. I can't think of a better word than 'lump' but it's not a lump in the scarey sense. The pain isn't bad at all and feels a little like I've bruised my chest. Also the sensation is asymmetrical though I've heard/read that breast development is often biased to one side at first.

I haven't seen much change in terms of body hair as yet doesn't seem to have slowed or thinned as yet, I would expect this to take a little longer also it might be hard to pin down any real alteration in growth since the epilator is pretty effective when I use it!

I think my moods have changed a little and that I am alternating a bit between happy and less happy during the day. Again this is hard to pin down as I've been working longer hours and also still haven't got back into my cycling routine so regular sleep and early nights aren't happening.

In terms of mental ability I think it's fair to say I've actually been extra geeky recently due to the workload and nature of the tasks. So it could either be viewed as "business as usual" or even a slight increase in nerdiness maybe as a kind of rebellion against the other changes!

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