Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Hate Excel 2007!

Was going to have a minor whinge about the DVLA but I'll save that until later, want to rant about Excel 2007 because it's driving me insane!

Here's a list of the things that are REALLY p***ing me off at the moment:

  1. When you copy something to the clipboard, merrily paste it into a sheet, then switch to another to carry on doing the same, it forgets what you had and you have to copy it again! WHY!
  2. If you copy and entire column you have to insert using "Insert Copied Cells" (what would be wrong with an intelligent paste?) and then it forgets what you had copied when you try and do this again! WTF!
  3. If you want to copy a sheet you have to select "Move or Copy ..." from the context menu and then select "Make a copy" and where you want it to be made! OpenOffice does exactly the same and it's just stupid!
  4. What's the deal with all the buttons on the top, why can't I just have the menus I was quite happy with in Excel 2003!

Just really frustrating when software makes it so hard to do simple tasks!


KB said...

You are absolutely right about excel2007. MS did some terrible job this time.. sob

Anonymous said...

It is what I have come to expect since Windows has come to rule the world. It take longer to get things done with each iteration of an application. I may live long enough to see us back to paper and pencil, for speed!