Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Still an idiot

A few things contributed to this title, the first being the stupid comment I made when someone at work said "See you tomorrow, Fiona" (the e-mail regarding name change was sent round the office yesterday) and I replied "Well done" - what an idiotic thing to say ... "Thank you" or saying nothing would have been more appropriate.

I talked to my sister in the evening and it was clear that she, and the rest of the family are not happy with any of this and this led me to think that, while I seem to be not suffering a great deal during my transition, I am handling it in such a bad way that I'm hurting other people around and likely just storing up pain for myself and everyone else later on.

So dear reader (pretentious but I just wanted to use that phrase 'cos I liked the sound of it) the lesson to learn from all of this is that gender change may make you look a bit different, maybe even sound and act in a way not like how you were ... but if you were an idiot before you'll pretty much still be one afterwards.

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alan said...

I doubt very much that you were an idiot before...that you might have been a bit insensitive is possible, but not an idiot.

Sometimes we are in such a rush to get along with our own lives and our own agendas that we forget the rest of the world might need to catch it's breath...

This, I should qualify, is from someone who isn't trans, but tends to "get into" something new and totally overwhelm those around me with details and tidbits they could care less about.