Saturday, 12 April 2008

How do you write a blog when ...

... you *KNOW* people are reading it?

I don't know how other people write blogs and who they think about when they do this but I suspect, like myself, they are essentially writing to themselves for the sake of it. Alot of blog content seems, and again I'm no exception here, to be self-indulgent and written in such a way that you can almost imagine the author is quite proud of the complex grammar, concepts, or content that they have so eloquently (I love that word) crafted.

It's very easy to just write garbage and describe fanciful ideas, feelings, or interpretations of the world with little thought for the consequences; the worst that can really happen is someone will leave a nasty comment, which can easily be ignored.

However, I now know that certain people have and are reading this blog and not only could they leave, quite justifiably, harsh criticism they could even phone me up or see me face to face to say what they think.

So how can I continue to write what I think, feel, or experience without even some consideration in the back of my mind about what affect this might have? Should I be immune to the consequences? Maybe, so far, I've just been lucky that no-one has really bothered to read this blog so the wider internet haven't really got stuck in with the nasty comments? Maybe what I write SHOULD be questioned by both the people that know me and the rest of the free world (I guess if I simply mention the word "Tibet" I'm pretty much certain to get myself on the Great Firewall of China blacklist).

I don't really have the answers on this one so I'm open to suggestions. I'm also open to criticism - if anyone, whether I know them or not, feels that I'm a complete idiot and I'm wrecking the lives of my family and myself then please post comments to that effect!

[ Sorry, it just struck me that there is a certain irony in asking for critical comments about my real life, from real people, in such an unreal way ]


Carolyn Ann said...

You write for yourself - everyone else can go take a hike. If you write for others, I can almost guarantee that you won't be happy with the results.

Blogs are personal. You have to write what you want to - unless you're simply after readership, in which case I have absolutely no suggestions whatsoever. If it's current affairs (one of my favorites), motorcycling (another of my predilections) or just vague ideas about trans-whateverism - it's all good. Well, mostly. Quite a bit of it is astoundingly awful, and many bloggers should have been paying more attention when Teacher mentioned contractions, possessives and sentence construction. But, be that as it may - a blog is what the writer makes it. (But only if the reader agrees!)
The one thing most blogs aren't, is private.

Personally, I like playing with grammar and the English language, in general. Sometimes, just sometimes, I even think about how I play with language. It's a bit of fun! But each to their own.

My favorite word is "blatherskite" - a word I'm sure has been used to describe me. :-)

Keep on bloggin' - if you want to, that is. :-)

Carolyn Ann

Carolyn Ann said...

Oh, I forgot apostrophes. Most writers do not take much care with them. But I guess that also falls into the category of "possessives". Hmm. Something to think about. :-)

Carolyn Ann

MoonBaby said...

I pen each of my blogs for myself first and foremost. Friends are considered but I don't censor the topic because my thoughts are mine and mine alone. No one forces them to read my blog.

Personally, I'm not particular about specific content as long as it's tasteful, fun, intelligent, and real. I'm not a fan of blogging for seeing how many comments one can attain either.

The blogs that give me a sense of who the author is (as a person) and what gives them *passion* for life are the ones that garner my interest. That said, I very much enjoying reading yours.

Anonymous said...

Dearest F, you write what you need to write. You have the right to be honest about your feelings. If this help with your sanity , get on with it.
I hope this makes you realise how many people care about you, both online and IRL.