Thursday, 27 March 2008

Vanouver bound?

It's looking likely that I'm going to get a load more work over in Vancouver this year. This is a good thing for several reasons, most of which are practical and logical:
  • I'll be out of the house and this will help my wife
  • I'll be able to save some money up for finding a place to move into when I'm back
  • I'll be billable at work which is important at a time after we had redundancies
Of course all these practical reasons might not outweigh the fact that I'll be away from my son and I feel bad about that (see previous post "I want you stay with me Daddy") and do wonder how being apart (with the current atmosphere) will affect him.

Also, is it really a good idea to be running away like this?

I do have mixed feelings about it all now when it may be happening, I guess the best I can do is reason that there isn't much choice given the projects available where I work, and make the best of keeping in touch with him and spending serious quality time when I get back.

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