Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Shoes, shoes, and ... oh damn!

So, I went for another very quick shopping trip after work yesterday ... this was to get a few bits and pieces and presents for family from my Vancouver trip. I also wanted to get some more tops in an attempt to get something to match with the skirts I got over the weekend.

But the most important thing I wanted to get was SHOES!

I LOVE shoes - preferably the high-heeled variety! I love boots even more (no, really? I hear you ask).

This time I wanted to go for something more sensible, slightly less on the height and also a blocky heel as I'm trying more for a casual look rather than completely dressy.

I'd set my heart on two pairs of shoes in Nine West which I was going to end up paying around $100 each for (much more than I've ever paid before) ... I worried that they may not have my size in stock ... there was no need for worry ... THEY DON'T DO MY SIZE AT ALL!

On the US website you can see size 11 for almost all of their shoes. In Canada the most they go up to is a size 10! I was shocked and not a happy bunny!

I left the mall with only a few purchases (the denim shorts being the highlight and I quite like those having tried them on now) and decided I needed to re-group for another offensive! So tonight I'm off shoe shopping again to another store that does claim to have US 11 sizes but it says these are like Euro 41 - which doesn't sound right at all; so I've still got my fingers crossed!


MoonBaby said...

Oh no...that's a sad time. I'm a shoeaholic as well. LOL

My spouse (Nicole) has a heck of a time finding shoes (12W) and usually has to order specially from ebay or a brand called Cloudwalkers.

I hope you find some that are pretty and fit well. :)

Fiona's Boots said...

I actually find it quite annoying that, when you do find larger shoe sizes the styles are so restricted and dull; black, brown and, if you're lucky, white are all the larger lady is allowed to wear apparently!