Thursday, 6 March 2008

Red wine 1, cookies and liver 0

I'm going to have such a bad head in the morning!

So far it seems that red wine is beating my usually fairly efficient liver, even though it's getting some help from the sultana and oat cookies and spaghetti I had for tea! All quite sureal really ..., I've got "My Fair Lady" on the TV in the background - I love the quote from this film: "I'm a good girl, oi am" ... I say this all the time because that's what I think I am!

How strange, I'm really not with it but I can still type reasonably well and fast even though I'm writing absolute garbage!

You know, I'd be washing down the hormone tablets with the red wine if I had any to hand!

1 comment:

MoonBaby said...

Ugh! Red wine kicks my booty every time. It is not my friend. I love white wines though and handle them reasonably well. Speaking of...think I'll go fix myself a glass.