Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Problems/things I want to do

Well, here's a first attempt at getting down some of the things that are currently causing friction at home, it's also coincidentally almost a mini-list of things I want to try and do and achieve:
  • Growing my nails - having tried the glue-on variety I decided it would be better (and less messy) to just grow mine and then get them done (probably when I go to Sparkle)
  • Eyebrows - really I don't think anyone looks good looking like Hairy McScarey no matter whether they are male/female/other!
  • Hair - I once tried to grow my hair long as a student with disastrous results! However now I am familiar with the concept of conditioner and hair stylists I'd like to have another stab at it!
  • Sparkle - I *AM* going this year! About time I met up with everyone I chat to online and had a fun time!
  • "Me" - I want to be me more, I don't like the person I have to be and would much prefer being the me I want to be more and more! Think it's maybe time I went to talk to someone about this!
Okay, some of the above is a bit vague I guess. I think I'll have to rewind a bit and post about what has been happening over the last few years - I'll do that later, I really should get on with some work now!

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