Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Hi Honey, I'm Home!

Well, after the rather drunken post I didn't really get a chance to write any blog entries as I was busy packing and sorting everything out for flying back to the UK. FYI: didn't have a bad head in the morning after trying (and apparently failing) to drink myself into oblivion!

Packing took Friday night and a little bit of Saturday morning and resulted in one very heavy suitcase (with almost zero bob-mode clothes in it) and a suit-bag that almost wouldn't fold in half it had so much stuff in it!

Saturday I went for a wander around to kill time before going to the airport, managed to get a few shots of myself; looking both a bit winds-swept (and interesting?) and puzzled - this later look being down to the fact that it was quite bright and sunny and I forgot to take my sunglasses out. Anyway, you can see the pics on my Flickr page, here's one I really like:
So, had to finish my wanderings eventually and get to the airport where I found that the luggage was 27kg over weight (and that's even after stuffing some things into the box my mountain bike was going back in!). Just to put this into perspective, the allowance on Zoom for cattle-class is only 20kg so I had 47kg in actual fact which isn't *that* bad (considering the number of clothes and shoes in there).

Flight wasn't too bad but I can never get comfy and sleep properly on planes. Watched a good film on the flight, Juno, which was quite amusing and moving. Think I dozed through the rest of the flight so didn't get to see any other films.

Finally got back home on Sunday quite tired, jet-lagged and hungry (you don't get much to eat on these flights). And at that point I think I'll leave it there and post again when I've collected my thoughts on being back home!


Jessica Hart said...

Very nice pic - wish I photoed that well.

Fiona's Boots said...

Well, if you look at the other pics on Flickr you'll see that I don't photo that well either! This pic was just good by freakish chance!

MoonBaby said...

Lovely photo and beautiful necklace.

Fiona's Boots said...

Thanks! I think the necklace was from Virgin Vie, it was left over as part of the freebies from one of those parties and my wife said I could have it :D