Sunday, 2 March 2008

From WOW, WOW, WOW to OW, OW, OW

High heels hurt! If you go wandering round for a whole afternoon in 3" heels your feet will hurt like goodness knows what! I speak from experience!

So, my plan for today was to go shopping and spend as much of the day in TGirl heaven as is possible! Well to be honest it takes me a while to get everything sorted out for a trip out so I had to do the following first:
  • Bath, wash hair, etc
  • Run the epilator over my legs (the first burst of pain for today)
  • Make-up
I was actually quite happy with the make-up in the end, I had some sparkly eye-shadow from The Body Shop in a dark purple and also a bright silver. I also managed to get reasonably straight lines with liquid eye-liner (this is *really* hard to put on!) and I've got some nice Clinique mascara to finish it off properly. See what you think:
Then it was time to pick an outfit - that took a while as well! Settled on purple silk top, black skirt, brown boots. I'm still not sure about the skirt too be honest, not sure it looks that good really but it was the only decent skirt I had (the others were a little short).

Anyway, I wandered through the mall here, bought phone credit (silly phones over here actually time-out credit after 1month!), and then took the SkyTrain over to Metropolis (the big mall in Vancouver) and had a good look round there. The place was packed though and eventually had to try and get some food (yummy sushi).

Even by then I was getting tired - hard floors, lots walking around! Hadn't really found much to buy either - I think it really wasn't a good shopping day OR I needed a girl friend along to help! Anyway, finally found some things I liked and tried them on with 50% success rate.

Was going to try and find shoes to go with the outfits but couldn't see anything I liked in Nine West so decided enough was enough! Feet really tired by this point ... then I had to go to the grocery store on the way back to get more fruit juice (I don't drink anything else) and that was sooo much weight to carry back.

Finally got back to the hotel and just dropped!

Anyway, sucessful shop and now I need to get to bed (after removing the beautifully painted make-up) and prepare for a long bike ride tomorrow that will hopefully help keep the figure in trim!

Night, night all.

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