Saturday, 22 March 2008

Credit card test

Well, I had intended to go for an eye-test as it has been many, many years since my last one and I'm pretty sure that my eyes are getting a little strained these days with the amount of time I spend on computers and the ridiculously high resolution that I use (if there's pixels available, I'm going to use them!).

No appointments available yesterday (well it was Good Friday and the Trafford Centre was absolutely heaving!) so I'm going this afternoon instead.

Of course, the eye test, I suppose, was a bit of an excuse to get me to the Trafford Centre so I could look at nice things to buy. My wardrobe had been reduced to a bare minimum (yes, I know, that isn't strictly true, but everything is relative :D ) and I also wanted to look at some make-up, specifically non-powder eye-shadows, lip liners and the Max Factor mascara.

Since my wife had gone down to her parents this was effectively a 'free' weekend and time for doing some tidying up around the house as well as thinking time. Since I was pretty confused about the whole Fiona thing (not having done it for a while) I ... hmmm, look, I'm just making up more execuses here aren't I? Really, I am a shopaholic and just wanted to buy "things" ... I also was feeling a bit low from a sexy point of view and wanted some nice sexy undies!

Anyway, I found a dress, a nice sexy babyboll from La Senza as well as the make-up I was looking for (Max Factor is 3for2 in Superdrug at the moment). There are, as ever, many more pics of the dress and me on Flickr.

I was actually quite pleased with the make-up results that I got so much so that I decided to do something stupid and go to bed still fully made-up (Note: this is a bad bad thing and my skin will likely pay the price today). Surprisingly when I woke up the results weren't too hideous! I think that is partly as I buy "good" (well I hope so) make-up and also the fact that I don't seem to fidget in bed that much, once I'm asleep that's me for the night.

I best get on with some tidying up now.

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