Friday, 29 February 2008


One of the hazards of the jet-set TGirl life-style (read this as: constantly having to work away as all the big projects are far away from the quiet North West idyll in which I live) is that I'm constantly lugging a rather large amount of clothes, shoes, make-up and other assorted essentials for life around the world.

This also means that, when return visits home are brief, there isn't time for a good stock check of the things in the multitude of suitcases and invariably it's often easier to simply do the laundry and then add any extra's that I know I was missing on the previous trip ... or just some new things that I want to wear ... or that I desperately need to match with another outfit ... or that may vaguely be needed on the off-chance that I buy something new ...

The result: LOTS of stuff.

Another result that I just encountered this morning: lack of any normal 'bob-mode' clothes!

That's right, I packed so much girlie wear that I don't have any boring bob-mode jeans to wear to work for the usual casual Friday attire! OOOOOooops!

Thankfully I have a pair for fairly normal coloured/styled boot-cut jeans that, don't stand out too much and are only noticeable if you look quite closely at my bum (pretty detail on the pockets) and the front zipper which is obviously the wrong (will I think it's right) way round!

So I will be on the look out today for people staring at my bum or zipper!

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MoonBaby said...

Unless your jeans had embroidery, some sparkle or glittering sequins, I can't imagine being able to identify a gender difference between "male or female" jeans...especially with placement of a zipper. Not that I'm looking for those things. (Oh, hello? Nice pants.) Haha.