Monday, 11 February 2008

Chickened out

Just to add to my confusion and general blue feelings at the moment, I totally chickened out about going out and about in Vancouver this afternoon. I got myself all dressed up (eventually) and even managed to get enough nerve to go down and collect my washing from the hotel laundry (but I did get spooked when someone followed me in and I just quickly threw everything into a bag and get out quick).

But I couldn't get up the nerve to go out, I just lost my confidence completely. In a mad moment I did wonder if it would be a good idea to go down Davie Street and see if I could meet some nice people to have a drink with but I'm just to shy and scared to go out alone like that.

So, I'm annoyed and disappointed with myself and I need to get my head straight and see if I can figure out how to get some confidence back, enough to ask some of my friends in the UK to help me get out and about!

Arrrghh! Annoyed and .... oh just ... f***, f***, f***ety, f***!

Time for bed I think!

1 comment:

MoonBaby said...

I hate those kind of days. :(
If my spouse (Nicole Meadows) and I lived closer we'd meet up with you for dinner & drinks. The internet is wonderful for introducing us to lovely folks that we will rarely get to meet.