Thursday, 3 September 2009


I had a nice day out in Edinburgh yesterday as I had to go up there for an interview. I've been to the city a few times before but too be honest I'd forgotten just how beautiful it was.

I guess, too be fair, I did catch it on a good day, the sun was shining, there was blue sky and I had a lovely journey up there. Add to that I think I did my best in the interview and felt relatively relaxed and calm about it all. Of course that is no indication of success but it's better to try your hardest and fail than feel you let yourself down.

There was plenty of time to wander around a little bit of Edinburgh before and after the interview, though I was constrained somewhat by the choice of interview footwear, smart heels are hardly conducive to extensive exploration over rough (cobbled) terrain so I think most of the serious admiring of architecture, scenery and life was done in a sedentary fashion.

[ I seem to have got lots of long and convoluted words into that sentence - I'm not sure how, they just came to me, maybe I was hit by some 'inspiration particles' - cf the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett ]

On interesting experience was going to get some food from M&S (I'm sorry, I'm a snob, I can't help it - it's just I always head for M&S because they have nice clean toilets, friendly staff and lovely food - at a reasonable price). I expected the usual selection of sandwiches in the café but the Edinburgh store is different; it serves hot food only and looks smilar to a McDonalds in some ways (though more up-market of course).

So in the end I had singapore noodles and they came in a little cardboard box similar to those I've seen used for Chinese fast food in the US. It was quite cute!

I also had such a lovely train ride back as well, talking non-stop between Edinburgh and Carlisle to a totally fascinating woman and her sister about all sorts of things like mountain biking, camping, Bavaria, furniture making, Canal St, and many other topics. There are some people you meet who are just so wonderfully nice and interesting that they can't help but brighten your day!

So, overall a very fun, interesting, hopefully productive, but definitely tiring day - went to bed early and had a really good long sleep last night!

This was the very first interview I've done as 'me' and while I am never going to be happy with how I look or sound I at least can try to gain a small amount of confidence from the experience since I went out and did it and tried the best that I could. I would say that, for any other trans people out there who are, understandably, scared of doing such a thing; if I can do it anyone can, just be yourself.

Which only leaves one final question: just what on earth is going on with my hair! Seriously it's a curly nightmare! I think I'm going to attack it with the straightners this weekend and see if I can get it to behave any better!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Fiona! It must have felt wonderful to have finally broken away and gone to an interview as "yourself".

Since we can't see below your waist in the pictures, did you go in a skirt or pants? I loved the rest of your outfit - conservative top and jacket.

Not long ago, I went on an interview for a job dressed in a turtleneck and a skirt, and it was so neat to be accepted as "one of the girls" when I showed up for the interview. The secretaries and assistants were so much warmer - something I hadn't noticed as a guy.

Hope that you get the job!


GirlWhoShould said...

No way does it look a curly nightmare, you haven't seen my frizzy mess yet :)
Sounds like you did well fingers crossed.
Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona

I used to work with you when you contracted in Mytholmroyd and was thinking of you last week for some reason and wondering how you were getting on. Today I came across this site and am blown away.

You must have been through so, so much and I felt I just wanted to say hello and wish you well in your new life. It must have taken so much courage. Also you look good in the photo of your christmas party in the dress, you've got good legs.


Alison x

Fiona Bianchi said...

Hi Alison!

I remember you and the place we worked very well. I was also wondering how you were doing because I've obviously been thinking about past work alot with the interviews I've been going through.

Do drop me an e-mail - I have e-mails at and with the same obvious username/ID - it's quite scarey seeing myself as the first few hits on any google search!

I hope you're doing well too and thank you so much for the words of support, understanding, and compliments about my legs lol

Take care,

Fi xxx