Thursday, 20 August 2009

Loneliness is bad for the environment

It always use to bug me that B would leave the TV, or radio, or both, or even several of these on around the house. She did this a little when I was there and I guess probably more when I wasn't. I also suspect that it use to really bug her that I'd go round and turn them off!

But now I do the same thing. I leave the TV on and don't really watch it, I listen to music in the shower, I stay up later with the lights on and even with computers running and open at FaceBook (and that's got to count as a complete waste of power let alone time).

I wondered why I wasn't going to bed as early and why I have recently taken to this rather wasteful use of energy. Obviously while I don't have a job my usual routine is a little out of sync (I'm use to getting up at 5:30am and rushing around) but I think it's also that I am lonely.

When you have someone else in your life there are more important things than TV and radio, and certainly when you live with another person there is much more of an incentive to get to bed early even if it's just to be there, lying side-by-side, maybe reading a book or talking, or thinking, or any other manner of things apart from the obvious, all of which are equally intimate and fulfilling.

So I guess my aim should be to not be lonely and in that way I'll be doing my bit to help the environment!

("Make love not waste?")


LucyTolliday said...

I can identify with a lot of what you say. Listening to music in the shower is fantastic though imo.

Jane Maybe said...

same here fiona,
i like music in the bath or shower.
i often leave the tv on (music channel) to give myself the impression someone is here with me.
it helps to beat the loneliness

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