Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Get your pronouns here ... collective nouns for sale!

Enough is enough.

I know my new name/gender has been difficult to adjust to and I have to say everyone has generally been great about getting pronouns right or correcting themselves when they make a mistake. No big deal and I've been happy to not say anything since I figure that this just makes people more uncomfortable .

I've had two incidents in quick succession which have made me think it's time to start correcting people. The first was a BT call centre worker who had all of my details on screen (where it clearly says "Miss") and still referred to me as "sir" - bad move considering I was already pretty much annoyed with BT anyway (I'll post about that later). Yes, I know my voice isn't brilliant but since I had already identified who I was it was an unfortunate slip on his part.

The second I won't go into but was essentially written rather than verbal where there clearly is a chance to correct a mistake before making it in a sense! A slip of the tongue is one thing and can't be taken back, keyboards have delete keys that can be employed to erase text!

So, enough. I've been tolerant for far too long, no more Miss Nice Girl.

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LucyTolliday said...

Arrrgh I can imagine thats very annoying. They will learn especially if they need you and there's no response.