Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Day in the Lakes

Playing catch-up with the blog again, one of these days I will become more organised! Anyway, I'll cover all the fun things from the past few weeks or so and then see if I can bring it back up to date. The first thing to mention is a day in the Lake District with my son.

The bank holiday was really quite nice and I'd decided that we should take a trip into the Lakes on the Sunday. We drove up to Haverthwaite first where we could take the steam train up to Lakeside and then onto the boat across to Bowness (the picture above actually shows Bowness and the Bellsfield hotel where we had lunch).

It was a really nice day though probably could have done with getting set off earlier as we really didn't have enough time in Bowness, really just enough for lunch and for my son to play at rolling down the little hill on front of the Belsfield Hotel. I got some great pictures of him looking grumpt at the top of the hill when I told him he couldn't do that (since I wouldn't be able to see where he was), and some even better ones when I did say he could roll down!

Overall a fab day! Got lots of fresh air, nice time on the train boat, sunburn (me only which is good), and alot of fun. Also my son seems to be dealing fine with me not looking like a 'Dad' and, while I'm sure I might be getting odd looks, I have no intention of stopping him referring to me as "Dad"/"Daddy" as that's what I am.

I should also say that my son is very well behaved and, while I'll take some credit for this B is certainly responsible for still keeping him in check and bringing him up properly in what is, for her at least, a very, very awkward situation.

I'm certainly very proud of how well-behaved he is and also how considerate he can be, for example he was happy to share his toys with a younger child on the train even though this little boy did monopolize things a bit (which my son did at the same age as well, so not a bad thing). No tantrums from my son about this though and he chatted to the parents of the little boy quite happily.

Looking forward to more days out over summer!

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