Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Lot less bother with a Hover(craft)

I'm really behind with all the blog stuff, I promise I will try and catch up!

Anyway, a few weekends ago my son and I went to see some hovercraft racing! A friend of mine from my home town has been into hovercraft for as long as I can remember and is often racing near where I live. We haven't been in touch for a while, I think the last conversation was probably around the same time last year when B and I were separating, so I obviously had to explain the recent, erm, changes.

Thankfully that conversation went very well, and I think myself very lucky again to have such understanding and supportive friends.

So, the hovercraft racing: it was FAB! In all the time I've known my friend I have never once seen him racing or the hovercraft he's built.
It was a fantastic day out - got to take LOTS of pictures of the hovercraft, even got some good ones where there were bumps or the hovercraft tipped up in the wind. Got some really good pics of my son and my friends kids playing on the hovercraft and with bubbles! I think that is definitely a case of "one extreme to another" - several thousand pounds of hovercraft we only as entertaining as 30p's worth of bubbles!

Now, just need to actually have a go on a hovercraft at some point! lol

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