Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Gravitational effect on fat distribution

I haven't been keeping up with the blog posts so I've not really been able to write down all the things I've been going through and the bizarre thoughts and feelings that I've been experiencing. As ever things have been a bit of a roller-coaster ride but that is fairly normal under the circumstances.

I've been trying to sort out how I look recently, getting better make-up (my skin type has changed a bit and I guess I needed a different shade of foundation also), wearing the right bra, and trying to use the clothes that I have as well as supplementing these with items that make complete outfits.

Essentially I think I'm trying to learn, experiement and above all be realistic about life and get things sorted out to move forward (I've also been trying to do the same with my finances and flat and ... well, now I come to think of it, everything).

As part of that I decided to try and make myself look a bit, well, I was going to say 'glam' but I guess I was aiming for 'sexy' or more realisticly 'womanly'. Also managed to buy a remote control for my camera (makes it easier to take pics of yourself!) and wanted to try that out. Below is the results of my efforts:

There are a few other pics that came out quite well but could maybe do with a bit of selective cropping. I think I also need an editing tool that makes me smile in pictures because I very rarely do! Hmmm, in fact I think my pics go from one extreme to another; no smiling or laughing out loud!

I should point out that I took about an hour to do the make-up, and took about 100 shots so clearly I'm not going to be trying to look like this every day!

Anyway, this brings me to my new theory: "the graviational effects on fat distribution", also known as "why have I got a fat bum".

I have noticed over the recent months that I do have quite a big bum. It did probably start off on the fairly large size and hormones have probably taken their toll but I never really saw this as much of a problem before. However yesterday I wore a skirt that I usually wear for work and it seemed a little tight in the bum area, not overly so but it did start me thinking.

So today my thoughts wandered back to this, erm, problem and it occurred to me that I'm clearly in the wrong kind of job to avoid having a big bum given that I spend so much time sat on mine and there must be some mechanical effects there based on the weight of my body being supported by my posterior! It also occurred to me that all the fat must be getting pulled by gravity towards my bum as well!

In fact, if it's not careful it's going to get it's own gravity and that could start a chain reaction which woul ultimately lead to me disappearing into a singularity created by an overly J-Lo'ed bottom. Or possibly I'm just getting carried away here lol


Jane Maybe said...

its the hormones ,they have amazed me how my body fat has been moved around,my hips are beginning to show now,not notice my bum yet though.


Calie said...

Well, I think it is a lovely picture of you. Perhaps a smile next time? :)