Tuesday, 28 April 2009


This was the event of the year, something I had been looking forward to for a while and which turned out to be just as fun and more than I expected. In some ways it was a suggestion from B that I have my son for my Birthday weekend and do something fun, in this case it was decided by all concerned that Legoland qualified as LOTS of fun!

(I did actually get better pictures than this but I don't like the idea of putting up pics of my son on such a public page).

We drove down to Windsor on the Friday morning, actually manged to set off at a reasonable hour and only stopped once (due to too many delays and needing the loo). Didn't even stop for lunch as by the time we got onto the M40 (where I'd said we'd stop) my son was asleeep (awww bless) so I just carried on going - gobbled a little bit of lunch when we got to the hotel room.

Over to Legoland on the Friday for the last few hours of the park being open - it's great just being able to wander in like this when you have those annual passes! All we really did was have a little look around and visit the shop! My son was being very good about what Lego to buy - we'd said it had to be a normal kit so he could build different things and, after a few tears, he agreed to that and a little Power Miners one as well (he was sooo good on the way down he deserved it).

Went back and hd some tea and played with the Lego and then straight to bed. Up early in the morning, quick snack for breakfast and then into the park first thing and onto the ride we'd *really* wanted to go on which was the Viking one - basically where you get soaks by water; thankfully it was a warm and dry day and the wet clothes were soon back to normal!

Also went on the fire engines ride which involved my pumping handles up and down to a) move the fire engine from start to the house, b) spray water at the house, c) move back to the start! I was shattered!

We had a little more of a wander round - my son really likes the model village still and is fascinated by the boats, trains, and cars that all move around. And then went over to watch the show at the pool, "Johnny Thunder and the Aztec Queen" - seen it before but he still likes it! One of the helpers there came over and asked if my son wanted to help with playing the drums (they have a few kids do this before the main show, it's kinda cute and the children obviously love it). I was a bit nervous, really don't like not having my son within my sight (it's a paranoid parent thing), but he really enjoyed it and kept mentioning it! Also he was happy when the people in the show all walked past where we were sitting so he got to say hello and high-five them!

After another trip to the Lego shop (well he had been soooo good again, and it was his money to spend) we headed into Windsor where I had a brief little shop (got a fab jacket in the Phase Eight sale - spent my birthday money), had a ride on a boat (saw an Otter), and had McDonalds for tea. Back to the hotel for an early night - both of us were very tired.

Had a nice breakfast in the morning and a clear run all the way back home. Another fab weekend which I really didn't want to end.

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