Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Bike Delivery!

I guess I've always been a little odd and unconventional, maybe not in an extreme dye-your-hair-bright-orange but in maybe more subtle ways I've always stood out a bit and seemed a little different.

A minor example of this was when I use to take my son to school on the bike (him in a trailer behind) which kind of made me (and him) stand out a little!

Anyway, I just had another one of those little moments this morning as I had to return my son's bike which he'd been on over the weekend but had left it to be picked up later in the week. Since it's nice weather at the moment B thought he could do with it now. Since I was cycling into work I therefore had to tow the bike (with the Trail Gator I've mentioned before) over to the house.

I must have looked a bit of a strange site with a bright red childs bike behind me, without a child sat in the seat. I kept expecting someone to shout and tell me I'd lost my passenger ... but it was 6am in the morning so not many people around to notice!

It was very strange seeing the house again. And quite emotional. Wish I could have popped in to say hello to my son really, or just spent some time there.

One thing that I was worried about was seeing any of the neighbours since I thought that might be a little awkward. I thought I'd got away with it until I cycled off the estate and spotted one the next-door neighbours walking his dogs along the cycle path towards me - I quickly got off the pavement and passed him on the opposite side of the road. I think he did see me and I probably gave a weak smile back.

So, an interesting morning!

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