Monday, 23 February 2009

My Dad ...

... spoke to me yesterday!

It was completely by accident really, I phoned home just to chat to my Mum about the weekend while I waited for the train back to Manchester. Instead of my Mum answering the phone (as has been usual) my Dad answered!

I was a bit taken aback and at the same time very happy!

We chatted about computers and work and all the usual things that we always did discuss. He sounded happy as well, and kept chatting. He did ask where I was (London) and why and I said I was down to see my specialist and also to see friends. The bit about the specialist didn't get any questions so I left it at that and talking about the opera and everything else.

It was such a wonderful conversation and my euphora lasted for about a minute after coming off the phone and then I started to wonder what was going on and how much my Dad knew. I also started to doubt whether I'd got things wrong and that we had been talking all along (that's certainly what it felt like) which was really disorientating.

I was reassured by a quick chat with a friend and, when I got back, I had a talk with my Mum and it seems that she is only filtering bits and pieces to my Dad. He apparently can't deal with the whole trans thing and simply is ignoring it and doesn't want to know.

I think this sounds a bit better than him ignoring me so I guess I could try and keep communication going but without actually seeing him, e.g. e-mail/phone/etc. Then maybe gradually he'll get to deal with it more. It's going to be a slow process, but at least it's a process!

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