Monday, 23 February 2009

Google Maps on C902

This is a quick gadgety newsflash!

While I was in London we wanted to search for tube times, buses, or something like that, so I said I'd just search on Google on my phone - the web browser on the C902 is pretty good and the online connection from O2 is fast and, with my contract (and loyalty bonus/discount) I have unlimited (usual fair use clause applies) access.

Anyway, I just clicked on the bookmark for Google and then maps and it offered to download the application to the phone, hmmm, sounds okay, might be neat, okay lets do that.

Having installed the app it then proceeded to triangulate the location of the phone to within about 1km!!!! Now that I didn't expect!

Yes, I know that the C902 can do this but when you get this phone from O2 they have stripped out all of the location services and when you try and access the configuration menu for this it complains that you need to attach a GPS device. So I didn't really think that a downloaded app would get all that stuff working but apparently it does!

So I had a good play with the searching and location service and I have to say I was really just so impressed - what a neat piece of technology!

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