Monday, 19 January 2009

ow! and COOL!

Just got back from the first of another round of laser hair removal treatment. Thankfully this one didn't seem to hurt anywhere near as much as the one before Christmas (hence the small "ow") and apparently the new machine they are getting soon will be "painless" - I will believe that when I see or rather, feel it.

I'm going with Transform again, I guess I should have shopped around alot more but it seemed easier to stick with a people that I know and a location that is quite convenient. Also I did have a quick look round and tried to get some information from the Harley Medical Group who kept ringing my number from the moment I hit submit on the for to request a brochure and only stopped when I answered and explained that I just wanted a rough price - they wouldn't give me one which annoyed me!

Anyway, I'm glad I stuck with Transform as they seem to be giving me the same price as last year and I get to pay this on 0% finance over the year (which is the only way I can really afford to do this).

So, next appointment in 6 weeks and I'll see how things progress. I really hope these sessions kill the hair off once and for all. Possibly the hormones may help with this I don't know and really don't care so long as I get my face (at least from a hair/skin point of view) how I want it.

Obviously I had to call into the Trafford Centre on my way past - well it would have been rude not to - as I needed some more body spray (really liked the Impulse one that I got for Christmas from Lucy) as well as some other bits and pieces. I've actually bought some emerald green eye-liner and shadow which is probably going to clash horribly with blue eye's but I just want to give it a try - following the advice of Kevyn Aucoin in his book Making Faces.

OMG - I just had a quick read of the link above and I didn't realise that Kevyn died in 2002! That really is so sad, his book is really good, the make-up he did for various people from famous to anonymous was inspirational but most importantly he seemed to have the most fabulous attitude to life.

That derailed my train of thought somewhat.

Anyway, in other news my appetite seems to have gone a bit bonkers at the moment and I keep feeling hungry and having supper! I suspect that this may be the hormones and I'm trying to stick to healthy food but it will be better when I can get back to the cycling routine. This isn't going to be happening anytime soon given that I've just been driving through the snow (that was the "COOL!" bit of today) and the whether is still a little too cold. Must make an effort though!


Karen said...

How are you finding the laser treatment. I'm thinking about it as a first step down the path and it seems more accessible round here and possibly slightly more economic.

Fiona's Boots said...

Well this is my 2nd set of 7 sessions of laser and, while I benefit from having light skin and dark hair it still hurts LOTS! You can't wear make-up before either (since foundation has light-absorbing properties) and your face will be quite red and sore afterwards.

I would recommend you do lots of research before starting as it can cost alot and results do vary.

However, it was described to me as a "no-brainer" as it is quite common these days for 'normal' men to have this treatment and it's also nothing serious in terms of long term.

One final point; I personally would go to somewhere a little more expensive but that I trusted/had a good reputation. In a lot of things I'm a snob and the clinic I attend is in a very posh area and it's a big company and can afford it. I suppose I could shop around and reduce the cost a little but I prefer to feel safe/happy than do that and am lucky to be able to make that choice.