Thursday, 9 October 2008

Too many thoughts

Before the usual ramblings I should mention that the title of this post reminds me of the film Sneakers in which the phrase "Too many secrets" is quite significant.

I haven't really posted for a while because I've just had so much running through my head ranging from achievements and plans to niggles, doubts, fear, confusion, and just generally feeling down. All these things also seem to be circular, I just wasn't getting anywhere with sorting them out and reaching any sort of conclusion.

So I managed to just stop thinking about them!

Had a few good things happen yesterday like my new, ridiculously bright, waterproof cycling jacket arriving and listening to some nice music and laughing at something funny on TV. Only little things but they can be enough to just break the cycle.

In terms of my 'plan' things seem to be ticking along and alot of my thougths are involved with trying to actually picture what is going to happen and to appreciate the reality of it; that's pretty hard to do, it's not like I have any frame of reference to relate to!

When it comes down to it everything is pretty scary, even if it's what I want to do it's still not without risks and problems and alot of those won't really be known until I make further progress.

Anyway, trying to stay positive, time to listen to some nice music again I think :D

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alan said...

It took me a very long time in life to give up worrying about every detail of every thing, and only worry about the ones I could control...I still fight that battle sometimes. As you said, staying positive, though hard to do sometimes, is something that not only changes you, but all around you.