Thursday, 16 October 2008

'Get out of jail free' letter

I'm not entirely sure why this particular letter was referred to in this way but it is nevertheless an important document and another small (well actually big) step along the way.

It arrived yesterday and while I knew who it was from (I've only written to my specialist so far) but I didn't know if it would be a "sorry, not yet" reply or something better. It was something better: the letter(s) I have allow me to apply for my passport and other legal documents using my correct gender!

I was VERY happy to get these letters.

Of course now that has worn off I'm totally paranoid that I can't live up to what they state and am having a nasty attack of reality and lack of femme feeling - hopefully that will all pass without me spending too much money on retail therapy!

In related news I have my new work e-mail and account all setup and working which is pretty impressive going for a very busy and possibly over-worked IT department! Even noticed that the phone display has changed to reflect my name (VOIP phones).

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alan said...

Probably a reference to so very many feeling "free at last" when they finally are allowed to be themselves...?