Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Yep, knew the down had to be coming

Felt a bit down this evening having been hit by a nasty bout of reality after I removed my make-up before cycling home (avoids having the mascara run and it making me look like something put of a horror film). So, not feeling too good anyway but tried to recover and then got a call from my Mum about various things the main theme of which being that none of the family is coping with this and me popping up to the home town is probably a bad idea. Also we had a bit of discussion about why this had to be out rather than a private thing and couldn't I just control my feelings etc. All understandable questions and concerns but again, futher proof that I have upset a great many people by taking this path and that they are having an excrutiatingly hard time dealing with it. On my own on this one I guess.

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