Tuesday, 2 September 2008

So, how did it go?

Well the first thing that springs to mind is: anti-climax. I had got worked up about things and was almost wondering why I was going and that I don't want to change much. Since I now feel that today hasn't moved me forward much (actually it has) I'm now wanting to change more and am almost disappointed that I'm not feeling some miraculous transformation and am not going to be for another 3months (I knew this before going down, the current guidelines must be followed). I'll write more detail later but the bottom line is that GID is self-diagnosed and there are two routes to prove it, 3months of counselling or 3months RLE (including name change etc). Again I'll eleborate more later but I'm actually thinking RLE at the moment! (it's 'free' and I'm practically doing it anyway). Got an earlier train back so hopefully get back at a reasonable hour.

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