Friday, 25 July 2008

You are all FANTASTIC!

I guess it's unlikely that any of the amazing people from where I work will read this (haven't given them the URL so by the time they do get to see it there will be other junk in the way) but I just wanted to say

THANK YOU! You have all been unbelievably supportive, caring, considerate and just downright fabulous!

In case anyone is wondering what is going on, I was out on an unofficial works do tonight, it was just a group of us that decided to have a night out in Preston just for fun. I decided that I had to go out fully dressed as Fiona (well I did let them use the name they are more familiar with, it would have been too confusing otherwise).

I also made some other strange decisions: no wig, just natural hair (not quite long enough), drove there so NO drinking to numb the pain.

Everyone was amazing, truly out of this world in their support, understanding and encouragement ... I really can't find words to express how thankful I am.

I'm going to get to bed before I ramble on anymore, I may not be drunk but I'm very tired now. Before I go, here is a pic of me when I got back home:

Hair's a bit of a mess, make-up a bit faded, and if I look too long I can see more faults and things I don't like about how I look ... but I am still so thrilled that I did this with the help of the amazing people at work!

Time for bed.


Jessica Hart said...

Well done, Fiona - glad they were accepting of you.

Jenny Sand said...

Sounds like great fun ... and an even greater relief it went so well.

Yes, she s..t sometimes hit the fan, but more often than not it doesn't. We are often our own worst critics.