Thursday, 3 July 2008

The morning after the night before

Thankfully not too hung-over which is almost a miracle given the amount I drank! Quite tired due to staying up late chatting.

I've just re-read what I wrote last night and am I little uncomfortable that I sound overly desperate for hormones; going on about something too much to me makes the requests sound false rather than reinforcing what is needed. But I'm going to leave things as is, it's what I wrote and I guess it's best to give an honest picture of what I feel even if it is a bit over the top and alcohol fueled!

So how do I feel this morning? Well lots of thoughts are going through my head including the fact that I can see coworkers being very supportive and that I can take further steps long this path, e.g. the next milestone being getting my ears pierced in a weeks time.

Also feeling that people might be supportive is almost like some sort of validation and acceptance and I guess that helps alot with how I feel about myself and gives me more confidence to be me.

Best get breakfast and get to work!

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