Monday, 7 July 2008

Downs and Ups for B

I thought I'd post a bit about how B seems to be doing to try and give some balance and also show that I'm not entirely self-centred about what is happening, I still care about her and am happy when I hear and see that she is doing well.

The down part first; when B dropped off my son she was annoyed/upset about the length of my finger nails, apparently she and C (sister-in-law) had noticed these at the sports day on Tuesday and were not happy about this, saying that it was unfair and selfish of me. Their main concern is what my son's friends will say to him, or what their parents may be thinking/saying.

I can understand this and I don't want to have my son confused or picked on, then again I think there has to be some acceptance that this is what I am and others should either ignore or deal with this. Not simple and something I need to think more about and find a way to help my son, B and everyone else deal with.

It's also very clear that B is only getting upset about this because she cares so much about our son, obviously.

When B came to pick my son up on Sunday she was quite happy, sounds like she had been out over the weekend with friends, was happy with her new hairstyle (she did look good), was impressed she'd managed to sort out a replacement blub for the car and had uploaded pictures from a memory key to an online service to get prints.

She even commented that she was impressed with herself and said it was amazing what you could do when you were on your own and had to (this sounds like a dig when written like this but it wasn't said in that spirit at all).

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