Monday, 28 April 2008


I'm not getting much time or inclination to write much in the blog at the moment with the count-down to moving-out well into single figures now. However, there are an awful lot of things going through my head and I really should try and get the written down so that I can work some of them out myself or maybe leave that to the internet at large to wonder about.

Anyway, the thing that just struck me was that I'm not exactly young anymore and I'm effectively single (well not even effectively, I *am*). I think I always assumed that I would just be married and that I would just not have to worry about being alone.

I can remember being dumped by an ex-girlfriend and how much that hurt, and I wonder if that experience has made me a little cynical about relationships and whether that has affected everything since. I don't think that's ever occurred to me as a big thing until now when I'm back to square one and I'm essentially seeing the world with quite alot of emotional baggage that is only going to be made worse by recent events.

Just another thing, the train of thought that got me to all of the above followed quite a bizarre route which was in some ways steered by listening to the song "I'll Set You Free" by the Bangles! Got to be careful what I listen to!

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