Saturday, 9 February 2008

Shopping, shopping and yet more shopping!

I was doing so well! I hadn't spent much at all ... well, okay, I did buy a new Mountain Bike but that's a different category of shopping and nothing to do with clothes at all (well apart from it hopefully helping me to fit into my clothes better!).

Anyway, I tried on the dress I bought the other night and it simply didn't fit :( Bit depressed about that, but in the end you can't argue about it, that's not going to make the dress magically fit, so it had to go back.

You can't get a refund anymore (is this some new rule in Canada or something?) so it has to be an exchange or credit note. So my plan was to get the skirt that matches the waistcoat and trousers I got, making the full set. Don't worry this will make more sense when I post some pictures!

Sadly they didn't have that skirt in my size :( So I wandered round and round trying to find something to get - too much choice, too tired and nothing was jumping out at me saying "buy me". Also there were some things on sale and I thought: "ooo, I can buy more things then!"

In the end I bought a black jacket ($49.99) and a black skirt ($69.99) which was in a similar style to the one I wanted in the first place. So my plan now is to mix the skirt with the waistcoat and blouses, and the jacket and skirt will go as an outfit together as well :D Not sure if the jacket will go with anything else, will have to try and mix things up!

Trip to the States tomorrow to do even more shopping - this time not for me! Well, okay, I *may* buy more for me as well!

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